From the corner: Growth is hard.

To grow and to improve, we must do things that are uncomfortable. We must take do things that scare us, that push us into a direction where we would not have gone if we simply let our own inertia determine our direction.

Sometimes we grow because we have no other choice-- because something in our circumstances determined the change of course without asking our permission.

But if we are serious, if we truly intend to grow as much as we can, if we decide that we will capitalize on the full extent of our potential…

Then we cannot coast and we cannot leave growth to chance.

Intentional growth requires seeking out, embracing and grappling with the things that would change us.

It means agreeing to do things that we don't completely know how to do.

It means accepting failure and criticism, even blunt criticism, and intentionally grasping that as tools for building your own growth.

It means trusting others, being honest with others, sharing your limitations with others, so that they can join you in building your growth, as well as theirs.

We all know deeply that not growing means dying. And none of us want that. But are we working on our growth, or are we just hoping vaguely that it will happen?