Strengths and weaknesses and who we are.


We spend a lot of time dealing with strengths and weaknesses. We do StrengthFinders tests on our students, we do SWOT analyses for our Link clients, and we spend hours coaching our students and young professionals on items of professional management that they have not yet learned.

We all know that we have things that we are good at, and things that we are… not so good at. If we work for a large company, chances are we can find a place to slot it… we can find a role that makes the most of our strengths and keeps us from getting in too much trouble from our weaknesses.

But as our businesses get smaller, and as so many of us find ourselves running small businesses or organizations at some point in our lives, our weaknesses get more and more in our way. For a lot of us, the biggest weakness (and threat to the work that we care about) comes in the form of the stuff that we know is necessary, but isn’t what we got into this to spend our time on. Love dogs and excel at training them? Chances are you don’t want to spend your time on accounting. Great at designing new projects? Chances are you might not be so good at marketing.

When you run a small business, you find yourself having to do everything because you don’t have anyone else to do it. And chances are, you don’t know how to do the things that you have to do, or you don’t know how to do them well or efficiently.

The difference between the success and failure of your work probably doesn’t depend on how you do the things you love -- the purpose of your business, the things that you knew your could do well enough to offer them to other people. Most of the time, the failure of a business - and more than four out of five small businesses fail within a few years of their start - happens because one of their weaknesses did them in. The best dog groomer who does not understand marketing, or the smartest investor who cannot manage employees, end up in the same situation - losing money and looking for a job.

Every small business owner needs to take a clear-eyed look at their weaknesses -- and either build up their skills in that space, or get help.

That was our purpose with Econogy Talent Group. We give you that help — from people who know how to do it right.