Building Future-Ready Workers and Leaders

“Students aren’t prepared for work – and they know it,” said Brandon Busteed, Executive Director, Education & Workforce Development at Gallup. “The fact that 88% of freshmen say, ‘getting a good job’ is the reason they go to college, yet only a third strongly agree they are getting the skills and knowledge they need to succeed is a mandate to improve how institutions approach everything from their academic curriculum to advising.”

--”New Survey Reveals Crisis of Confidence in Workforce Readiness Among College Students,”   Gallup and Strada Education Network. http://www.stradaeducation.org/news/new-survey-reveals-crisis-of-confidence-in-workforce-readiness-among-college-students/

Go to College.  Get a Good Job.

That’s what we’ve been telling our children and students for years.  But more and more evidence indicates that students come out of higher education without the skills that they need to succeed in the workplace today - let alone thrive in the fluid, interdependent, unpredictable workplace they will encounter in only a few years.  

Thriving in the new workforce increasingly takes a different skill set than the ones that conventional classrooms teach.  Students brought up to meet clear grade rubrics find that the workplace measures success by an entirely different yardstick, and the school skills of memorization and reciting facts matter very little when they enter the workforce.

But the biggest challenge for many new professionals lies deeper than learned skills.  The most fast-moving, future-ready businesses need people who are not waiting for approval or permission.  They’re looking for people who can take intelligent risks and learn from failures, But if your entire upbringing has emphasized that failures lead to catastrophe (like bad grades and poor college prospects), then you may not know how to take risks - or how to come back from failures.

To build future-ready businesses, we need future-ready workers and leaders.  And to get there, we need them to learn more than what they are learning in conventional classrooms.  

Econogy helps tomorrow’s professionals, leaders and workers develop those crucial skills.  Our student consultants, student-run business managers and more gain firsthand experience in applying what they have learned to real-world business applications.  But perhaps more importantly, they develop the skills that they will need. They learn to collaborate with others, to make decisions, to take risks and learn from mistakes.  And they gain the confidence that they will need to do this when the stakes are high.