Econogy Talent Group


Econogy Talent Group (ETG) forms interdisciplinary teams of top student talent, young professionals, and industry experts to rapidly solve tough problems.

Intense competition, rapidly changing or overlapping industries and brand new technologies require agile and adaptive problem-solving. We learn your needs and form the perfect teams to keep you on a path to growth. With a local presence and global reach, the power of the network is, in many ways, unlimited - so are our solutions. 

Our proprietary systems of problem-solving are designed with current research from multiple fields of study into action, including: strategy, market research, computer science, design-thinking, and many more. These systems help ETG achieve consistent results across projects with insights that strengthen over time. 

Access to the most advanced and innovative young minds, professional expertise and faculty insight sets us apart from the competition. We grow our network of strong minds each day, and will continue to grow to meet the needs of each business and community.

Join the Econogy Talent Group and let's tackle big problems together. 


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