ETG Pathfinder

For scaling organizations, no problem is more urgent than finding clarity and decisiveness in next steps to growth.


ETG Pathfinder is an ETG service that guides scaling organizations to design and implement next steps to innovation. 

Guided by the most contemporary research in business strategy and design thinking, ETG Pathfinder has designed cutting-edge technology for use by companies like Lockheed Martin, Apple, Tesla, and Space X. It has also brought unique start-ups from revenue to investment and from investment to scale.

One of the most important tools of ETG Pathfinder is our Pathways Framework, a method developed from research and practice of many disciplines including: Design Thinking, Industrial Organization Economics, New Venture Strategy, Lean Startup, Asset-Based Development, Business Model Canvas and more. It has been implemented in both for-profit and non-profit organizations with local, national and global reach, and it consistently provides the tools needed to make critical decisions as well as the team-alignment needed to make those decisions stick.



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Example Project Categories

  • New Venture Planning/ Fundraising
  • New Product Development
  • New Market Entry
  • Product Strategy
  • Go-to-market Strategy
  • More