ETG Experiential Training


The only source of knowledge is Experience.
— Albert Einstein


The future of training is experience.

ETG's Experiential Training systems provide innovative and interdisciplinary theory + hands-on, immediately-applied experiences. We do this with a fast-paced, high-energy session that is designed around ways teams of people think and learn today.  

Designed in collaboration with experience and leadership experts, ETG Experiential Training makes use of our natural attention patterns -- and dynamics that are designed to put what you just learned into action.  

Research shows that experiential training participants learn more, learn faster and act on what they’ve learned better than with a conventional training method.  

Experiential Training can be applied to any content for any team. Contact us to see how we fit with you and your team.

Training Modules



We all want our employee teams to innovate, but how do we enable them to do it? 

The fact is that our usual methods are too disorganized, too un-intentional, and fail to leverage the unique character of each person on our teams to generate truly transformational results.  But when we deeply understand our team members' strengths, and we design our teams's work to take fully advantage of that, then great things can happen.  

Johann Wong of JouleWatt introducing Human Innovation thinking.  

Johann Wong of JouleWatt introducing Human Innovation thinking.  

As hundreds of Human Innovation graduates worldwide have found, the proprietary person-by-person and team assessment provided by our partners at JouleWatt allows everyone to understand how they can best contribute to their team's ability to make great things happen.  Whether your are seeking new solutions for business or government, large team or small, this assessment and training will change how you see your organization's potential for Human Innovation. 

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ETG Collaborative design training

Collaboration is the business of the future, and the next generation of creative and technical business talent will excel by learning to generate value through interdisciplinary collaboration. 

ETG Collaborative Design leverages real-world projects to help hungry teams develop the skills they need to innovate together.  From Design Thinking to Lean Strategy, our flexible modules will change the way your teams see the workplace, and will help them take their work to the next level.

ETG Leadership School (Fueled by Kratos)

Your business needs 21st-Century leaders with 21st Century leadership skills.

carlos at NMS.jpg

Developed from work with hundreds of graduates in multiple nations, ETG Leadership School helps young and experienced professionals learn and act on the crucial skills of leadership.  From Active Listening to Emotional Intelligence, our flexible modules will change the way your teams see the world, and themselves in it.

ETG Advantage Development Systems

Entrepreneurs are challenged to know their business from the inside-out and the outside-in.

Seeing the bigger picture is hard to do alone, but Advantage Development Systems gives business leaders tools to grow together: easy-to-use tools, structure, and peer support. Participants report better business management skills, new ideas, and a stronger bottom line.  A great way for any organization that supports small business to make a real impact!

ETG Alternative Economic Development

How do we help our city or neighborhood do better?  How do we fill empty storefronts, get new businesses started, and get residents to buy local on a regular basis?  What we’ve been told about local business often doesn’t work. AED uses practical examples to help us see what does, and make the differences that matter.