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Econogy Talent Group (ETG) has proven experience building advanced interdisciplinary teams of industry experts and top college students to rapidly solve challenging problems for scaling organizations.

Students consultants from ETG have developed solutions that are used by companies such as Callaway, SpaceX, Tesla, P&G, Microsoft & Google. ETG provides the most innovative solutions in partnership with the most well-regarded institutions from around the Midwest such as Marquette University, Xavier University, & University of Cincinnati.


ETG brings a new level of service to scaling enterprises: forming, managing and adapting teams that provide true value and that grow and adapt with the organization.



Our practice proves that diversity of talent achieves greater results than advice from niche experts alone.

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2017 has been a big year.

Check Out a new featured video- "university relations" and Our 2017 Impact Report below!


Econogy Talent Group assembles and manages teams of professionals, faculty researchers and top student talent to deliver innovation for businesses and organizations. This video describes how ETG projects interact with universities to benefit student and client.



“The product was very nicely delivered and was everything we wanted it to be. . . Working with Econogy was more than just a good experience - we came out ahead.”
— Tom McLean, President of BTG Labs

Click to learn about our New Product Design and Engineering project with BTG Labs and our New Venture Strategy and Fundraising project with Bower & Branch. 


Econogy is a social enterprise that provides a resilient model for lasting change. We focus on creating impact for learners of every age, startups, non-profits and new ventures that frequently lack resources needed to succeed. 

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