Econogy, LLC is the umbrella to many organizations. Econogy Talent Group offers unique consulting and training services. is our non-profit and community engagement arm. Econogy Press sends knowledge out to our network, while Second Stage and ADS are strategy driven initiatives. Second Stage is a unique accelerator and ADS connects small business owners to engage and work together toward success. These initiatives are working simultaneously to create a huge impact for small businesses, start ups, education, and communities. Check out your favorite below!


+ Econogy Talent Group

Econogy Talent Group (ETG) forms interdisciplinary teams of top student talent, learned faculty, and seasoned professionals to rapidly solve tough problems. ETG features services designed for scaling organizations, startups and BigCo new ventures for competetive industries. Learn More

+ is a crowdfunding platform for neighborhood projects, fueling money and support to help neighborhoods grow. Learn More

+ Econogy Press

Econogy Press advances knowledge of economic ecosystems by deepening and sharing Econogy network insights. Learn More

+ Advantage Development Systems

ADS provides cohorts of business leaders with principle-based strategies and expert facilitation that drive business success. Learn More

+ Second Stage

Second Stage is an accelerator that infuses startups and new ventures with the strategy and talent to achieve sales growth. Learn More