Owen Raisch

Chief Visionary Officer (CvO) & Co-founder

As CVO, Owen is responsible for developing and implementing strategic interests of ETG, and he is the primary representative of the brand to establish key partner relations.

Before his work to launch Econogy Talent Group, Owen founded multiple non-profit and for profit ventures. He was an Assistant Director at Xavier University to launch the Student Run Business and Student Consulting program for the business college, a Founding Director of the Greater Cincinnati Independent Business Alliance, and is now a founding member of the National Student Run Business Association and Vice President for the Economics of Compassion Initiative.

Owen is currently supporting Marquette University as Associate Director to launch the “Marcus Lemonis Pay the Profit Forward Student Business Program” and has been a dedicated leader in promoting community-engaged, experiential, and entrepreneurial learning practices over the past ten years. Owen graduated from Xavier University with a BA in Philosophy, Politics, and the Public and a minor in Psychology, where he is currently completing a Masters in Private Interest and Public Good. He is proud to continue advancing innovation in education and entrepreneurship through Econogy.