Transforming higher education, workforce readiness and human innovation through experiential learning and student housing.


A place to Live, Learn and Earn for everyone

Our experience with Econogy Talent Group teams has taught us that engaging young people in business and innovation while they are still learning transforms everything -- from individual students to the largest corporations.  But doing this requires an entirely new way to live, learn and earn.  

Upward embeds a rich stack of innovation growth opportunities right into the places where students spend so much of their time -- their housing.  By surrounding highly-motivated students with immediate opportunities to grow their skills, expand their perspective and work hands-on with the industries and issues that they care most about, Upward transforms the educational experience - and gives talent-hungry employers meaningful ways to get to know a large number of future candidates.  

Upward is launching its first initiative, UpwardMKE, from a centrally-located student housing development in Milwaukee, in partnership with The Commons, JouleWatt, and dozens of Milwaukee's leading businesses and organizations.

Look for launch event news coming soon.